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About Wisconsin Healthy Workplace Advocates

Wisconsin Healthy Workplace Advocates (WHWA) is a state wide volunteer grassroots network solely dedicated to addressing the issues of incivility and bullying in the workplace through legislation.   It is currently made up of a group of employees with first-hand experience with this problem. All have experienced workplace bullying at some point in their work history, and several are currently under fire. Many are finding that their work on this website and on AB894 to be both therapeutic and empowering.

Wisconsin Coordinator, Monica Walker, initiated the network in August, 2008 upon her return from attending The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) in Bellingham, Washington.  Walker’s legislative representative, Kelda Helen Roys, agreed to author the Wisconsin Healthy Workplace Bill (AB894) shortly thereafter. 

Through educational materials, public presentations, and word of mouth, a network of interested and dedicated advocates for a Healthy Workplace Bill quickly established itself. In April, 2010, the Legislative Labor Committee held a hearing on AB894.  Dr. Gary Namie, WBI, Walker and many other concerned citizens, including “targets” of workplace bullying gave testimonies as to the devastation, to both employees and employers, subject to a workplace bully.

The Labor Committee hearing received positive press by the Wisconsin State Journal which has resulted in a continuing growing network of advocates.  Unfortunately, however, the 2009-2010 legislative session ended before the Labor Committee called for a vote to forward AB894.

During the legislative break, the Wisconsin Healthy Workplace Advocates are continuing to move forward by empowering one another to speak out against workplace bullying and offering a network of support to those who may find themselves in the day-to-day trauma. We encourage all interested individuals and businesses to become involved by challenging their district representatives to become familiar with the Healthy Workplace Bill. 

It is our goal to recruit at least one advocate from all Wisconsin districts that will be willing to contact their representative during the 2010-2011 legislative sessions to request their endorsement and sponsorship of the Healthy Workplace Bill.

Gratitude and appreciation is extended to everyone who has become involved and to those who have gone above and beyond in their volunteer advocacy work.  If you have not done so already, we welcome you to join us.



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