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Healthy Workplace-WI is a statewide grassroots network solely dedicated to addressing the issues of bullying in the workplace through public education and legislation.

We are glad you are here. If you are a target, we hope you will see that there is hope. All across the country, the Healthy Workplace Bill ( is making waves. We support you all in your endeavors to be the most productive workers you can be and salute your strength and tenacity. You are not alone. (See Wisconsin's Healthy Workplace Bill)

The U.S. is among the few Western nations which does not have a law forbidding bullying in the workplace. Scandinavian nations led the way with explicit anti-bullying laws in 1994. Employees in many other European countries are legally protected by laws which require employers to prevent or correct these inappropriate workplace behaviors.

The term "workplace bullying," was coined in Britain where workers enjoy protection from bullying in the form of broader anti-harassment laws, which are not limited to protected classes as they are in the US. In 2005, a strong health and safety code addressed the issue of bullying in Ireland. Canadian workers are protected from this type of behavior by provincial laws passed in 2004 and 2007, and an occupational health code has protected federal workers since 2008. All these countries see that bullying behaviors are bad for employees and bad for businesses, hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

35% of the U.S. workforce (an est. 53.5 million Americans) report being bullied at work; an additional 15% witness it. Half of all Americans have directly experienced it. Simultaneously, 50% report neither experiencing nor witnessing bullying. Hence, a "silent epidemic." For more info on 2010 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey, click here.

If you would like to join us, please contact Monica Walker at

We gratefully acknowledge the work of the Workplace Bullying Institute and we are proud to be an affiliate of theirs.




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